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Baked sea bass with roasted potatoes on wooden table

Sea Bass Baked in Salt Crust

I was always afraid of cooking fish in sale as I thought it might be too salty. “I was wrong!”


Mix 4 lb of salt with 2 egg whites, it should look like sea sand after the tide has gone out.

Spread a thick layer onto a skillet or heavy based pan.

Place the fish (600 gm per person), on top and completely cover.

Bake for 20 minutes at 200 C/gas 6

Remove from oven and crack open the salt

Remove fish and cut open the skin around the head and down the back bone

Take the skin off the fish

Coat with lemon juice,tarragon leaves and butter

Serve with a sweet wine with some baked potatoes and roast vegetables

(You can use Sea Bream, Grey Mullet or Red Mullet in this dish as a substitute for the Sea Bass)