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Baked sea bass with roasted potatoes on wooden table

Sea Bass Baked in Salt Crust

I was always afraid of cooking fish in sale as I thought it might be too salty. “I was wrong!”


Mix 4 lb of salt with 2 egg whites, it should look like sea sand after the tide has gone out.

Spread a thick layer onto a skillet or heavy based pan.

Place the fish (600 gm per person), on top and completely cover.

Bake for 20 minutes at 200 C/gas 6

Remove from oven and crack open the salt

Remove fish and cut open the skin around the head and down the back bone

Take the skin off the fish

Coat with lemon juice,tarragon leaves and butter

Serve with a sweet wine with some baked potatoes and roast vegetables

(You can use Sea Bream, Grey Mullet or Red Mullet in this dish as a substitute for the Sea Bass)


Lobster with spaghetti and tarragon

As a rule cook a lobster in 1 gallon of salted water for 10 minutes per lb. Always buy lively ones and cook within 24 hours of purchase. You can put them in the freezer for 2 hours to kill them painlessly.


1 cooked lobster 1 1/2 Lb shelled and meat set aside

olive oil

salt and pepper

3 cloves of crushed Garlic to a paste

1 handful of pine nuts

3 handfuls of cooked spaghetti

2 handfuls of fresh parsley

1 teaspoon of fresh tarragon

1 handful of grated Parmesan cheese

juice of 1 lemon


As all ingredients except Parmesan Cheese to wok

Stir fry for 10 to 13 minutes

Serve in big bowl or in the wok adding lemon wedges and the Parmesan at the last  minute before serving

Serve with an Italian ”Chianti Classico”


Dublin Bay Prawns Dish

Dublin bay prawns , saffron foam , watercress purree & pickled radish ( a wonderful dish bringing out the full flavour of the Dublin bay prawn )

6 langoustines peeled
1 bunch of watercress
2 cloves of garlic
1 shallot
25 mil double cream
2o mil white wine
50 mil fish stock
3 g saffron powder
4 radish
100mil white wine vinegar
50 g sugar
Olive oil
Salt & pepper

1 Begin by pickling your radishes ,
Bring vinegar & sugar to the boil , turn off the heat and drop in your radish , leave in the liquid over night

2 Make your sauce , sweat garlic & shallots for 2 mins , add wine and reduce to half , add fish stock and reduce by half again , add your cream and reduce By half again , put in your saffron and let to infuse

3 To make the watercress puree sauté in a pan with a knob of butter for 2 mins then add to a liquidiser and puree till smooth

4 assemble the dish by cooking your prawns for 1 min in a hot pan , season well ,
Heat your sauce and froth up with a blender to make a cappachino ,
Assemble on a plate & play around with presentation


Mixed Seafood Omelette

(Serves 2 )


4 free ranged eggs

1/2 cup of cream

Salt and pepper

Scallions or leeks chopped grated cheese

1 Lb mixed seafood with prawns

Butter and olive oil


Lightly cook the chopped scallions or leeks in oil and butter for 4 mins in a pan

Add all chopped seafood mix

Add salt and pepper to season and cook for 5 mins

Whisk the eggs and cream and add to the pan with seafood mix

Move the eggs and seafood from the sides of pan while cooking

do this until base cooked and the top still soft

Now spread the grated cheese on top and pop under grill for 5 mins

Do not turn omelette