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Family Owned Fishmongers
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Hartley Sea Foods Story

A 15-Year Tradition of Excellence

Pat Hartley, chef, fishmonger, and family man has taken his skills and experience of more than a decade and a half, and created one of the most dependable fresh seafood companies in the South East.

Pat has a wife and two children, and currently hangs his hat in Annestown, but the company operates all across the South East of Ireland. Hartley Sea Foods provides fresh seafood across the South East and all our customers benefit from the freshest and most delicious seafood in the area.

Taking his culinary skills as a chef for more than 15 years, as well as his knowledge of a decade as a fishmonger, Pat is focused on running a company that provides people with a diverse array of amazing and delicious seafood to enjoy.

You can find our stalls at Farmers Markets in areas including Kilkenny, Borris, Cahir, Clonmel, Kilmacthomas, and Carrick. Anyone looking for fresh and delectable seafood should pay a visit and check out what we have to offer.

What’s more, we aren’t just a company dedicated to selling amazing and freshly caught seafood, but we also like to explore the way seafood can be cooked and prepared. Pat recognises how versatile seafood can be due to his history as a chef, and is still surprised by how many people remain nervous about cooking seafood. That’s why we have our very own recipe section on the website that you can refer to in a bid to find some of the best seafood dishes that you can try out when you get home.

We feel like this gives us a unique edge, and makes us accessible to a lot of customers who might struggle to decide what they should do with particular types of seafood. Having an idea of how best to use seafood, and how long to cook it for, is a big part of the battle, and this is something that plays a massive role in this process moving forward.

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